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NIGHT – EXTRA One Year Anniversary – Raquel B.

過去一年, EXTRA 陪你度過了無數狂歡熱舞的夜晚,EXTRA 的一歲生日,我們也一如繼往地帶來最棒的慶生派對。

在這個特別的日子裡,你將被邀請參加整天的慶祝活動。首先,在我們的秘密屋頂派對上享受夕陽中的台北餘韻。接著,在河畔的 PIPE Live Music 享受來自底特律的電音皇后 Raquel B. 的音樂,與我們一起動茲動茲整晚狂歡。

It has been a year of dancing and sleepless nights with EXTRA Taiwan. We’re celebrating it by doing what we do best.

For this exceptional occasion, you are invited to a whole day of celebration. First, join us to see the sunset over the roofs of Taipei for our secret rooftop session. Following it, a night of raving by the riverside is waiting for you at PIPE Live Music where the Detroit raised techno queen Raquel B will be accompanied by the best of our regular guests.

夕陽場 | Day time fun:
DAY – EXTRA One Year Anniversary – Secret Rooftop

▓▓▓ NIGHT – EXTRA One Year Anniversary – Raquel B. ▓▓▓

沒有任何地點比河畔的 PIPE Live Music 更適合慶祝 EXTRA 的一歲生日。為了這個一年一度的慶祝,我們特別邀請了來自底特律的電音皇后 Raquel B,為我們的忠實派對夥伴帶來整晚轟不停的重低音連炮。

To celebrate our anniversary there was no better way for us than doing it on the riverside at PIPE Live Music. For this special occasion, we’re inviting our favorite DJ of the moment Raquel B!
The Detroit raised techno queen will be supported by some the best of our regulars. Be ready for a night of heavy beats.

◈ 演出 DJ | Line-up ◈
∘ Raquel B. (Detroit/Shanghai)
DJ D.LO (Tune in Productions)
Planetary Peace – 世界和平 (EXTRA Taiwan)
∘ Véronique (EXTRA Taiwan)

◈ 入場票券 | Ticket ◈
∘ 預售 | Advanced: $400
∘ 現場午夜前 | Before Midnight: $450
∘ 現場午夜後 | After Midnight: $550
∘ 預售夕陽+夜晚場套票 | DAY + NIGHT Advanced: $650

All tickets include 1 drink

購買預售票前往 | Advanced tickets available:

◈ 活動資訊 | Information ◈
∘ 23:00 – 06:00
PIPE Live Music
∘ 捷運公館站 | MRT Gongguan
∘ 跳舞跳累了,就到河濱公園走走、呼吸新鮮空氣吧
∘ When you’re tired of dancing, enjoy some fresh air by the riverside

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