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5/13 Eden Taipei #04 – The Secret Behind The Curtain

Eden Taipei #04 – The Secret Behind the Curtain

In this chaotic era, we create the light that belongs to us. The sound of Techno is like a warm and moist mother’s womb that nurtures life and allows it to thrive within us. It enables the human body to vibrate in certain exotic, alien-like sounds of frequency which eliminate all impurities and interference, thus fulfilling the greatest desire deep within our soul; leading us to find the most original beauty possible.

Eden Taipei crafts a one of a kind vision to bring the warm therapeutic power from nature back to the city. Everything that happens in this unique space is sexy, mesmerizing, and indulging in an anarchy state. Nothing is purely coincidental, we rave in a vivid and energetic form to showcase we are not the only species in the entire universe.


Eden Taipei 用獨一無二的視角把大自然更多的溫暖力量帶回城市,以電子音樂聲響療癒人心。在這裡發生的一切都是如此令人期待,所有的生命都經由宇宙的精挑細選才來到這裡,沒有任何一個人的出現是純粹的巧合。在這裡他們花枝招展地以House的熱愛向世人證明他們並不是宇宙中唯一的生命體。

10年走來,我們在場景的創造與新人的培養不斷前進,機會是轉捩點的必要條件,該是時候向世人展現你的才華。Eden Taipei廣邀更多明日之星,請將你的音樂作品或DJ set與我們分享,你將有機會在未來參與伊甸的品牌活動。請將作品寄至: (DJ set請勿少於一個小時)

23:00-00:30 ANNA
00:30-02:00 VIKTOR YEH
02:00-03:30 DARK LO
03:30-05:00 VELI B2B PELATTO

500 before 23:30, 600 after 23:30, 700 after 00:30

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