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7/8 bnf. x PIPE Live Music presents: MIDNIGHT PIPELINE

On Friday, bnf returns to the riverside at Gong Guan. Our goal: direct delivery of your favorite sounds. The two-part journey into the evening features live beats by rodionn & pololu, D.J. Kool Klone & Conehead 錐頭 plus DJ sets by Aciy, and _tarolin. This one’s for the beat lovers, diggers, and sonic travelers… See you at PIPE!​

七月八日週五,bnf 將回到公館河濱,為各位 beats 愛好者以及音樂挖掘工人們量身打造一 場午夜聲響派對。當晚將會有 pololu、rodionn、D.J. Kool Klone 和 Conehead 錐頭帶 來的現場 SP404 全創作表演,以及 Aciy 與 _tarolin 的 DJ sets。期待與大家在 PIPE 相 會!​

info ╷​
Date: 2022 / 07 / 08. Fri​
Time: 23:00 till 03:00​
⠟at door / 現場 NTD 500 (w / 1 drink)​

live beats set ╷​
pololu @polo1u​
rodionn @rodionn96 ​
D.J. Kool Klone @kool_klone​
Conehead 錐頭 @coneheadsthought​

DJ ╷ ​
Aciy @yichenlinn​
_tarolin @_tarolin​

visual design ╷ Hung Liu @hungliu​

advisor ╷ WADE DAO @wade.dao​

organizer ╷ beats and friends​ @beatsandfriends

co-organizer ╷ PIPE Live Music​

▴ 活動場內依法請勿吸菸​
▴ 禁止攜帶違禁品、酒精​
▴ 未滿十八歲請勿兌換酒精性飲品​
▴ 於活動空間外之個人行為請自行負責​
▴ 以上聲明經勸阻無效者,主辦單位有權斥離​
▴ 疫情期間入場請配合酒精消毒,建議配戴口罩​
▴ 如有咳嗽等呼吸道不適症狀請配戴口罩,體溫高於37.5度請勿入場

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