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HSTL – House Styles Truly Loved 2/29


在舞池裡你們可以期待如同往常一樣的種節奏HOUSE風格還有友善的臉。新的事情是,場館。經歷了四年我們決定把HSTL搬到我們所相信全台北音響系統最好的俱樂部。來加入HSTL還有客座DJ Klosing吧!讓我們一起有個充滿HOUSE的夜晚!


We’re excited to bring you the first HSTL of the year!

You can expect the same hard hitting house styles and friendly faces on the dance floor.

What is new, is the venue. After 4 years we decided to move HSTL to what we believe is the best club with the best sound system in Taipei.

Come join the HSTL crew with guest dj, Klosing for a night of all things house!

Entrance NTD 400 all night long

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