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2/8 – Rev_Mirror III


YiHung aka dj @pple
出生於台灣台北城的易紘 YiHung,大家都稱呼它的小名為 dj @pple,從小就對音樂有著無比的熱情與創意
於”97年初露頭角於台北最國際的Discotheque @live Taipei即獲當時眾百大dj如 Carl Cox / Josh Wink / Laurent Garnier /Jeff Mills / Derrick May / Sven Väth etc…同台演出獻藝
演出以來都是台灣的高人氣dj之一,’00年後更把足跡遍布亞洲各重要城市 東京 曼谷 北京 廣州 香港 上海,當時也是眾多來台演出的國際dj同台競技演出最佳 dj之一
YiHung 的音樂是多變的, 而且有它獨特個性化的品味,以House Techno為主調,以acid afro deep funky classic & Electronic Style 都是他拿手的類型

DJ @pple
YiHung aka dj @pple
Yi Hung Yi Hung was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Everyone calls it dj @pple. He has a passion for music since his childhood.
At the beginning of 1997, he appeared in the most international discotheque @live Taipei in Taipei and won the top 100 djs such as Carl Cox / Josh Wink / Laurent Garnier / Jeff Mills / Derrick May / Sven Väth etc …
Since the performance, he has been one of Taiwan ’s most popular djs. After 00 years, he will spread his footprints to all important cities in Asia Tokyo Bangkok Beijing Guangzhou Hong Kong Shanghai. At the time, it was also one of the best djs to perform on the same stage.
YiHung’s music is changeable, and it has its unique and personalized taste. It is based on House Techno and acid afro deep funky classic & Electronic Style.
After 2010, he moved to Shanghai, China to continue to promote the dj party culture. At the same time, he is also one of the few internationally renowned djs in Asia. For one reason, he believes that in the past, music mix methods should be as smooth as storytelling, and after the combination of images, they should be as shocking as movie narration!

Electronica / Synthwave / Indie Dance / Electro Funk / DnB / Techno Electro

DJ @pple 黃易紘 (Hung Yi Huang)
(Synthwave Electeo Funk)
(Synthwave Techno)
安豬 Andrew Hsieh
Fan Chung Fan Chung

TWD 300元 18:00前附飲料/18:00後不附飲料
Enter with 18+ valid ID

Location 地點:Pipe Live Music
No. 1號, Siyuan St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

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