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2/15 – WERK! Love Fest at REV (PIPE Live Music)


💖 Happy New Year! 💖 Happy New Venue! 💖 Happy New WERK!

For every single month since that legendary opening on a steamy August night in Taipei back in 2014, WERK! has served you boozing, cruising, and dancing for your absolute entertainment! The finest DJs, the toppest tunes, the fabbest performers, and the hottest dancers! Drag queens, bio-queens, drag kings, trans queens, non-binaries, gogo boyz, and more, WERK! has striven to showcase and support as much Taiwan talent as possible, as well as bringing you international performers and DJs. This party is a Taipei institution, and our longevity and evolution is testament to your continued and much valued support. This has been our greatest gratification, and we are so grateful for your encouragement and backing. You have been with us through the rough and the smooth, and made the party what it is! Thank you SO MUCH! ❤

So, now in our SIXTH glorious year, it’s our absolute pleasure to invite you to join us on our ever-evolving journey to a brand new era of WERK! at a brand new permanent venue! Yes, from our LOVE FEST onward, we are back at the location of our unforgettable Madonna Ball in 2016, @ PIPE!!! #yaasss! With its killer sound system and professional stage facilities, we believe this change of venue will only affect the quality of our event in the most positive and uplifting way, and we are sure you are going to LOVE the new experience!

Come WERK! with us!

WERK! 2.0. Everybody, as always, is welcome!

我們有多久沒有一起跳舞了呢?認識了那麼久,我們熟悉彼此的一切。我向後仰,你會用胳臂接住我。你燒好菜,我立刻接手端上桌。我們對這樣的平淡感到自在,卻也清楚一成不變是謀害關係的兇手。於是我們約好這一天,你換上瞞著我買的昂貴運動鞋,我穿著你從沒看過的帥氣背心。倆人假裝彼此素昧平生,在河邊的舞廳假裝不期而遇。你簡單地向我搭訕,而後牽起我的手,隨著 House 的 4/4 節奏搖擺身體。我們在鋼琴和弦的擁抱中盡情狂舞,新故事才要剛開始…
C’mon let’s WERK!

💖Sat, Feb 15th, 2020
WERK! presents LOVE FEST 💖

Chiang Wei 薔薇
飛利冰 Feilibing IceQueen
Nymphia Wind 妮妃雅
Rose Mary 羅斯瑪麗

Special Guest
Magnolia La Manga


Admission: $500 (w. 1 drink)
入場: $500 (附一杯飲料)

18+. No ID, no entry.


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