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12/07 – SPEED : Get Ready to Dance Hard


SPEED: Get Ready to Dance Hard是一場聚集各種新舊流派硬底DJ/ Producer的銳舞派對,無論您偏好哪一種高速科技舞曲:生、黑、怪、酸、核、塞、極簡、工業、底特律、足療、叢林、鼓打貝斯、噪音、硬派、勸世或是鐵克諾等其他極速樂風,現場無上限(140BPM+)的SPEEDY音速也許能夠讓您Get Ready to Dance Hard(跳乎伊爽)。

Whatever your preference: hard, weird, dark or Fast – SPEED: Get Ready to Dance Hard is an event for all genres of Electronic Hard Dance Music with all BPMs speeding up past 140, if the BPM Drops below 140, The party explodes!

Acid, Raw, Rave, Gabber, Dark, Dnb, EBM, Minimal, Detroit, Industry, Noise, Footwork, Jungle, UK dubstep, breakcore, Hardstyle, Trance and Techno .


阿道 A-Dao b2b Cloudy Ku 庫巧兔//


Fan Chung//

INN 周逸//

2019年12月7日 (六)11PM-5AM
SATURDAY 7 DEC 2019 23:00-29:00
$500 Before 24:00 十二點前五百
$600 After 24:01 十二點後六百


At REV Pipe
No. 1號, Siyuan St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
MRT: Gongguan Station (Green Line) Exit 1



Benn 11PM——12AM 旅英新興舞曲製作人Benn載譽歸國後首場台北演出//

Wu Hsuan Ting (B E N N) 從DJ起家,曾參與過許多地下場景演出,深受英國音樂文化場景影響,2018年始遊走歐洲並於倫敦進修,目前專注創作。
As DJ for several years in Taiwan, B E N N decided to start over as a newest producer in London since last year with the training of music school, also he’s been trying using different asian instruments with his favorite hard drumming genre.

阿道 A Dao 12——02AM 人稱’’Dad of Techno’’的有種唱片DJ A-Dao將首次與他的Acid Sister庫巧兔公開對決//

阿道 [A-Dao]曾任職於東區TOWER音樂城西洋部,2004年擔任「有種唱片」Species Records 店長,為一間主要以黑膠 / DJ文化為主的唱片行,也是許多愛好者交流的據點;同時參與各大小地下音樂派對,藝文性質的生活節、戶外的音樂祭,都能看到「有種唱片」的影子。DJ身份的他,透過各類節拍的選曲角度,反映出對音樂的熱情與生活態度。

Formerly a worker in Tower Records’ western music section in the East District, in 2004 A-Dao became the manager of Species Records, a record store which focuses on selling vinyls and DJ merchandise and also serves as a gathering place for DJing enthusiasts. At the same time, the logo of Species Records often looms across various in many underground parties, art and cultural events, outdoor music festivals. His eclectic style of DJing reflects his passion for music, as well as life.

Cloudy Ku 庫巧兔12——02AM 許久未在台灣演出的Cloudy Ku 庫巧兔將與好友A-Dao 首次公開b2b //

Cloudy Ku 庫巧兔,擅長 Ambient、Techno 及當代電子樂。

近年至澳洲發展,曾和 Nina Kraviz、John Osborn、RØDHÅD、Rrose、Scuba 等…國際藝人同場演出,是銳舞派對和音樂節的演出常客
Cloudy 獨特的選曲和精緻的混音技巧,獲得不少資深樂迷和舞客的讚譽。
自2010年開始演出,分別在15年和16年間獲得了「耳朵蟲台灣DJ Top 20票選活動」第12名與第18名殊榮。
Cloudy 同時也是一位終生環保主義者,熱衷推廣環境友善和純素飲食的信息。

Cloudy Ku is a breathtaking catalyst in electronic music, gaining notoriety as one of Taipei’s most respected DJs. With her eclectic live sets, she brings her sublime soundscapes to music festivals, raves and underground bars throughout Asia and Australia.

The Taiwanese-born electronic musician is well-known for her transcendent style. As a DJ, she fuses her vast love of techno, ambient, world-music, and electronic, into her unique IDM blend.

Her daring live mixes and outstanding music knowledge has seen her billed on Taiwan’s biggest festivals, including Organik Festival and FORMOZ Festival. In-demand for her unique ability to craft a hazy party scene, Ku has supported the legendary likes of Red Bull Music Academy veteran Nina Kraviz, German techno producer John Osborn, Berlin’s loop-master Rødhåd, gender-bending experimental artist Rrose, and Hotflush Recordings boss DJ Scuba.

Through her otherworldly performances, Ku was voted Top 20 most influential electronic artists by Taiwanese music magazine EarWorm, for two consecutive years. Her mixtapes and live sets have also captured the attention of the fashion industry, featuring on fashion runways for Omega and Milk X Magazine.

Now based in Melbourne, Ku is inspired by a different culture and a luscious electronic music scene in Australia. In 2019, she continues the momentum that has earned her attention of both music fans and international labels alike.

Kanary(JP)02——03AM 左腦超發達的Kanary放的Techno溫柔、沈穩並充滿張力//


KANARY searches for music the same shape as her internal universe, seeking the echo of the music within her. Shapes emerge from cities and their scenes, Montreal to Tokyo, she carries a vision of sounds within.

Fan Chung 03——04AM 今年高速地下舞曲(宇宙)圈最值得關注的一顆暴衝老新星 //

Fan Chung來自台北,早期熱衷參加戶外地下電音派對,等到開始放歌後時不時偷把bpm往上加。最近熱衷混搭不同曲風在set中,但基本上還是又臭又髒。

Fan Chang is based in Taipei, Taiwan, who spins hard, fast and groove centric dance tracks.
He is also very active in the underground DIY outdoor party scene and is not afraid to speed up tempo of parties party.
He has recently begun to mix and mash all genres music in his sets; No rules, no limits, just hard music!

Inn 04——05AM 還記得Inn在Boiler Room 的Set嗎?這次他要帶來更狠的 //

Inn身兼DJ、製作人、平面設計師,穿梭於台北的Techno音樂場景。風格遊走在深沈、工業的聲響質感,部落、神秘的情緒意境,以及挑動舞動慾望的律動節奏。Inn的DJ演出不受限於單一的既定風格,喜愛在歌曲彼此間的聲響特色中找到微妙的關聯性,訴說出一段屬於他自有的音樂言語。Inn於2014由Syonan Records發行首張EP及DOT Records的合輯後,持續在個人創作中探索屬於自己獨有的聲音。足跡遍及柏林Urban Spree、北京Lantern Club、台北Korner、Boiler Room北京站等,以及難以細數的地下派對。2017年開始,Inn也將自己的音樂版圖跨往Disco、Funk、Italo Disco、Synth Pop等風格,詮釋音樂中的黑與明。

DJ-producer-graphic designer INN, strolls in Taipei’s techno scene. Style flits from deep industrial sound texture to mystic tribal sentiments to provocative groovy dancing beats. Inn’s performances are free from singular fixed pattern. He extracts subtle connections among each track then refines into paragraphs of unique musical language.

In 2014, Inn released first EP under Syonan Records and DOT records compilation. Up to now, he’s still on the creative journey in research of his original sound. He intensively performs in Urban Spree Berlin, Lantern Club Beijing, Boiler Room Beijing,Korner Taipei and countless underground parties.

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