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Join us for the final MadHouse of 2019, after this we’ll be back early in 2020.
“This is your life… and it’s ending one minute at a time.”
Best you spend it dancing to the best House Music in Town!


A throwback to the parties of yesteryear, where people danced all night and it was all about the music.

MadHouse崇拜紀念著那些各形各類浩室與鐵克諾音樂的先驅者。回顧全球各形各色的派對,The Warehouse,Hacienda,Paradise Garage,Omen與許多其它的盛宴,相通的精神就是VIBE/氛圍,跨越種族/信仰/性取向,當然還有最重要的,MUSIC!

MadHouse commemorates the pioneers of House & Techno in all its glorious forms and variations. From the early days at clubs like The WareHouse, Hacienda, Paradise Garage, Omen and many more around the globe, it was always about the VIBE, people mixed together no matter their race, creed or sexuality, and the MUSIC!


Fast forward to present-day and club culture is divided. Clubs are either about the VIBE or status.

VIBE/氛圍是我們對MadHouse的定義。提供一個在舞客與音樂間的完美調和 — 這就是MadHouse。

Our focus is on the vibe: a delicate balance between the music and the people on the dance floor –
This is MadHouse

雋永與創新 — 兩者並重的創造那令人嚮往的氛圍 — 這就是MadHouse。

Timeless classics and innovative fresh new music come together to further fuel that vibe –
This is MadHouse

我們都有過那完美的體驗:在一夜狂歡後回到自己的窩裡,仍徜徉在那美好旋律裡,而你/你已可預見自己在一覺過後必定會情不自禁想再次回到那體驗中 — 這就是MadHouse。

We all know that feeling when you go home after a party and you still have some catchy tune swimming round your head and when you wake up the next morning, you want to do it all over again –
This is MadHouse – Welcome to the house of fun!!


🔊🔊 Music🔊🔊

👉DJ Uppity

👉Dominik T.

👉The Cook, The Thief
🎺ft.Daniel Fladerer on trumpet 🎺

👉Anti Hero

*** Entrance ***
Before 12:30 – NT$400 with 2 Drinks
After 12:30 – NT$400 with 1 Drink

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