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Taiwan Pride Parade Girls’ Party: To-get-her(10/26)

The Parade is over, but the party has just begun!
Taiwan Pride Parade Girls’ Party: To-get-her
#手指狂歡 #舌尖嚐鮮 #確認眼神 #我是對的人
● Special ___
鋼管舞孃 🍓 Mouse
血脈噴張的禁忌艷舞表演 🍑 南西
MC 🎤Amy
邀請大家一起玩嗨現場小遊戲喔~ლ(・ ิω・ิლ)
2019/10/26(六) 10PM
PIPE Live Music
● 早鳥票 ___
單人票 800元
雙人票 1,500元
● 當日現場票 1,000元
● 超厲害包廂 已全部售出___
👆莎芙包廂 👆(10人座)
👆吳爾芙包廂 👆(5人座)
● 購票方式 ___
👄熱線台北辦公室 (捷運古亭站7號出口) 從 GOOGLE MAP 看看怎麼去
Evonne / Line ID : 31630pig
狐狸 / LINE ID : 2deareros
奇奇 / LINE ID : chanphat93
● 注意事項說明 ___
1. 票券售出,恕不退換。
2. 限活動當日已滿十八歲女性(包括跨性別女性)參加,入場時須出示證件。
3. 憑票券可兌換:
(3)NT$150 區域酒水一杯(包含非酒精飲料區域),第二杯起請向櫃檯現金購買酒水。
4. 貴重物品敬請妥善保管,現場有少量投幣式寄物櫃,單次NT$20,無兌幣服務,亦無人工寄物服務。
5. 請勿攜帶本國法律所規定之違禁品,並多利用大眾運輸前往,避免酒駕。
6. 如參與者在活動場地內有發生毀壞、污損活動場地、嘔吐等所有不符合場地環境清潔規定之事項,每人須支付清潔費NT$2,000,並當場繳納給活動場地負責單位,僅收現金。
7. 活動已投保,若有任何需要,請立刻與工作人員聯繫處理,並保留後續相關單據。
⭕️本活動所有收入扣除必要支出後將全數捐出至 ⭕️台灣同志諮詢熱線協會 ⭕️
The Parade is over, but the party has just begun!
Taiwan Pride Parade Girls’ Party: To-get-her
Date ___ 2019/10/26 Sat. 10pm
Venue ___ PIPE Live Music
● Special ___
Pole Dancer 🍓Mouse
Strip Show Girl 🍑 Nancy
MC 🎤Amy
● Ticket Prices ___
Early Bird
NT$800 / ticket (While supplies last.)
Twin Early Birds
NT$1,500 for 2 tickets (While supplies last.)
● Tickets on the door
NT$1,000 / ticket

● Booth Reservation ___
👆Sappho booth 👆
NT$2,000/booth excl. ticket costs.
(Fits maximum 10 guests.)
👆Virginia Woolf booth 👆
NT$1,000/booth excl. ticket costs.
(Fits maximum 5 guests.)
● Buy Tickets ___
👄Online at Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association official bazaar website
👄At Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association Office (Guting MRT Station Exit 7)
👄From one of our Hotline representatives (contact via LINE app):
Evonne / LINE ID : 31630pig
Foxy / LINE ID : 2deareros
Lawson / LINE ID : chanphat93
● Notes ___
1. Tickets are non-refundable.
2. Guests must be women who are 18 and over. All guests are required to present their ID on entry.
3. Entry tickets can be exchanged for:
(1) A small wine gift (starting at 10pm with limited supplies).
(2) One fluorescent stick bracelet (used for the night’s event).
(3) A drink worth NT$150 (also applied to the non-alcoholic beverage area).
Guests have to pay in cash for more drinks.
4. Please keep your valuables safe. There is a small number of coin-operated lockers with a single use of NT$20 inside the venue. Please bring your own change. There are no other hosting services available.
5. Please do not bring any items prohibited and restricted by Taiwan domestic law and regulation. Guests are encouraged to use public transportation or taxis to get to the event venue to avoid the possibility of drink and drive.
6. Guests who cause damages to the venue, deface the venue or vomit in the venue, all of which violate the site’s clean policy are liable for a cleaning fee of NT$2,000 per person. The fee must be paid in cash on site.
7. We have a party insurance for this event. If any of the guests need to make an insurance claim, please contact the staff immediately and make sure to keep all the supporting documents.
8. Any gains after deducting costs associated with the event will be donated to Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association.

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