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What is a Lofi? in Taipei ft. Kero One

What is a Lofi? Tour comes to Taipei!

What is Lofi Hip-hop? Many are asking, few have the answers, and millions are now listening to this therapeutic chill beat sub genre. With total collective views of the genre song streams on Youtube and Spotify reaching over 100 million views, there is no denying the recent popularity. Headlining the tour is one of the early 2000’s chill-hop ambassadors, Dj/Producer/Rapper Kero One, who’s music spans over 15 years and remains one of the most popular stations on Pandora Radio in the chill beats and lofi hiphop tags. Dusting off his rare vinyl collection, Kero will rock an analog only dj set + live performance. In support will be NYC producer/singer Ninjoi who is no stranger to lofi playlists. Come join us for the first ever tour exploring the mystical lo-fi / chill beats genre.


Kero One – A Korean-Californian producer/dj/rapper, Kero One independently released his first 12” vinyl in 2003 called “Check the Blueprints” and became well-known amongst fans of jazzy chill beats and vintage drum sounds. With beats often compared to the late great Nujabes, Kero’s streams stack over 10 million plays on Spotify, Apple Music,, Pandora, and Youtube. More recently, Kero One’s 15 year anthology album “Onethology” was released at the end of 2018, showcasing songs that have received cosigns from legends like Stevie Wonder, Epik High, and

Ninjoi.– Queens, New York-native, ninjoi., eases the pain of the world with melancholic tracks for the soul. Heavily inspired by the mellow jazz hip-hop imported from Japan during the early 2000’s, ninjoi. channels his love for Nujabes and Michita. Featured on multiple Spotify Lofi Beats playlists and Redbull music festival Tokyo, ninjoi. aims to make the world a better place with his music

D.J. Kool Klone –A bio tech talent blend with sci-fi lover, Kool Klone soaked himself in Hip Hop since childhood. Once he got his foot in sampling world, he’s been devoting to DJ and composing ever since. Best known for his vinyl scratch and SP404 sampling skills with Hip Hop genre.

Conehead 錐頭 – makes music that combines futuristic and retro styles, playing with electronic, boom bap, experimental hip hop, lo-fi, ambient, field recording. Conehead is skilled in using sampling techniques, his set-up consists of a single SP-404 sampler, which is his main output in live performance. This brings out a primitive pulse, a vibe marked by rough, raw, and vigorous grooves, infused with random sound samples from around.

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