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Soma Taipei x 6AM present : IORI

洛杉磯 /// 東京 //// 台北

 根基 LA 當地知名 Underground Warehouse 派對 6AM,正式與台北連結,一起和群眾追求聲音聆聽感受跟持續的舞曲動能。


◯ IORI (Tokyo JP)
 Deeply influenced by True Deep house from artists like Manuel Gottsching, Moritz Von Oswald, and Basic Channel. IORI started his musical career in Naha, Okinawa in the late 90′s. He went to New York in 2003, and later on headed back to Japan after serving as a project coordinator for The Loft under David Mancuso. Characterized by the heavy and bouncy rhythms , grand atmospheric synth layers, Iori has already established his unique sound in the European techno and house circuit. Iori has released 2 studio albums and numerous EPs on the labels such as Semantica Records, Prologue, Bitta, etc……
 6AM is an experiential and digital media platform covering all facets of electronic music culture, resource, technology, and lifestyle. In 2008 they started as sub-promoters in Los Angeles. 6AM have organized and promoted over 800+ events ranging from festivals and mega-clubs to intimate lounges and unique outdoor venues. Aside from producing events, they have helped dozens of music artists, festivals, music labels.
A regular at some of LA’s most recognized venues and parties; JIA always strives to deliver fresh and unexpected sounds during his sets. JIA is considered by many of his peers to be the frontier of Guam’s current Electronic Music movement and is determined to positively shape the Island’s view of the music, scene, and culture; one beat at a time.
Artists Supported:
Luke Slater, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, VRIL, Radio Slave, Charlotte De Witte, Joel Mull, Lucy, Josh Wink, PERC, Abdulla Rashim/Anthony Linell, I Hate Models, Alan Fitzpatrick, Truncate, Lady Starlight, Gregor Tresher, Steve Lawler, Jimpster, Victor Calderone, Tube & Berger, Oxia, Sander Kleinenberg, Mark Knight, Henry Saiz, Avatism, SHADED, Mayaan Nidam, Trent Cantrelle, Saeed Younan, Steve Prior, Weiss, Nathan Barato, Oscar G, Discern (Silky+Jonny Cruz), Vanilla Ace, Roy Davis Jr, Chris Fortier, DAVI, Jesse Saunders, Funkagenda, and countless others to come……
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 6AM,來自美國洛杉磯的當地知名、以 Techno 音樂為主的Warehouse Party 組織。除了每週都有定期舉辦瘋狂的秘密地點派對外,6AM 的野心觸及延伸到當代各類數位平台,內容涵蓋電子音樂文化、資源、技術和生活等各方面。

從 2008 年,6AM 派對開始舉辦,至今已經舉辦、推廣了超過 800 場的活動,包括了音樂祭、Club 到私人派對或是特別企劃的戶外派對。在有強力地組織運作推行活動之外,數十位的音樂藝術家、音樂結合廠牌也隨著 6AM 的發展獲得有力的幫助。

 SOMA Taipei x 6AM 的首場國際合作,邀請到日本知名DJ、製作人 IORI。

音樂經歷從2003年在紐約最早的underground夜店Loft,2009 年在倫敦網路平台 Deepfrequency,並在廠牌Phonica、Prologue 的陸續開始發行創作。

風格受到 Basic Channel 和 Manuel Gottsching 的影響,音樂曲風在 House 到 Techno 之間遊走,精緻地運行在大氣感之中,演出的混音跟製作上帶出具有日本Techno DJ風格的態度。

在柏林的兩年發展,讓他在國際上打響知名度,將深沈迷幻、冥想式的 Techno Set 足跡推展至歐洲各處,2016 年回日後,仍繼續活躍於國際舞台。他的音樂以打造科技情境的方式在延展,用不近似於一般 Club 取向的手法來產生沉浸式的藝術企圖。


Pre → 450 NT$
Before 00:30 → 550 NT$
After 00:30 → 650 NT$

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