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Envelope System

In an ancient building, with new party series located in “Raw Water Pumping Station” which was built in 1964.
Powerful sound system provides the best sound of dance music in Taipei city.

 公館水源古蹟,新的派對企劃,最強的國際電音派對音響系統,follow我們的活動,在這繼續跟著最好的聲音跟最 chill 的派對人們一起聚集。
Rev 派對系列 VOL.3
「 Envelope System 」

Envelope 是一個以推廣 Drum and Bass 為主的派對單位,2013年成立以來,迄今已參與超過40場演出,以提供高質量的電子音樂為目的。定期舉辦的 Drum and Bass 派對,除了固定班底 Legacy 和 Trent 之外,也積極力邀國內外優秀 DJ 來豐富派對的音樂性,亦與其他音樂派對單位有密集合作;2014 年曾邀請英國 Drum and Bass 兩大金童 Alix Perez 和 Rockwell 來台演出,之後陸續在 2015 到 2019年間分別邀請 Sam Binga 、Fracture、dBridge、 Arkaik、Mala、Fre4knc & Posij、Sinistarr、Welfare,受到 Drum and Bass 癮者的迴響。

Envelope established itself as a dedicated and hardworking Drum n Bass event organizer in the Taipei dance music scene beginning in 2013. Nearly 30 parties later, Envelope has left an indelible imprint on the city’s club culture.

The DJs that play at Envelope events set the bar high, with founding members Legacy and Trent leading the pack. Well-crafted sets consisting of impeccable track selection make every Envelope event a night to remember. High points to date have been Envelope-organized parties in 2014 featuring internationally recognized Drum n Bass golden boys Alix Perez and Rockwell, both from out of the U.K.

Nights out in Taipei are in good hands with Envelope. Come join the massive. Don’t sleep.

The name “Envelope” originates from traditional analogue synthesizers. It is an abbreviation for the four stages the envelope can pass through, namely Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release (Sound on Sound 1997).

Vice City
#dnb #electronic
300 NT$ (with one drink)

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