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Make Techno Great Again #4 VLISS / HOSS / VELI

♦︎ LINEUP ♦︎

♦︎ DJ VLISS from Germany already make Techno great again,so we have another party for him,if you miss the last one,make sure you won’t miss again!

來自德國的DJ VLISS剛剛結束一場極為精彩的派對,實在是一定要再辦一場!不要再錯過了各位!

DJ Vliss from Germany sees music venues as places which feel like home immediately after entering them, whether he attends as a guest, organises the event or plays as a DJ. Therefore, he puts up genre bending concerts and partys, including acts like rapper Raiza Biza from Rwanda, dutch Lo-fi Queen Eevee and Germany’s finest guy in Dancehall, DJ Triplet.
When playing Techno, his sets reflect a spritual journey for the audience as well as for himself. DJ Vliss will calm your mind, take away negative thoughts and allow you to get lost within dreamy soundscapes.


♦︎ VELI Music

After making his name in the local scene in France for the past years, VELI comes to Taiwan to share his love for music. Inspired by French DJs like Laurent Garnier and Worakls, he enjoys playing House and Deep House with influences of Afro House master Black Coffee. In his darkest side, VELI masters the art of raw and pure Techno while sneaking melodic phases in his sets to offer the crowd a unique and intense musical journey.

♦︎ Hoss

‘While the journey started years ago, a new path was chosen in the capital of a great island.’
Hoss has great dreams and is aiming to be an upcoming techno DJ/producer, starting in Taipei.
He has found his passion for underground music after years of experience in DJing and producing all sorts of music. His passion for cutting edge 4 by 4 beats, underground techno and house combined with a melodic touch are passed through on the audience.
Inspired by many clubs and DJs in Berlin and Amsterdam, Hoss has taken bits from every place he liked and shaped it into a unique musical story to tell.


地點:PIPE Live Music

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