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Make Techno Great Again #05

【Make Techno Great Again#05】

Make Techno Great Again,we got the best sound system “Function One”,you just need to try ones,and you can’t go back.

上面是我針對老外打的爛英文,總之Make Techno Great Again的口碑已經出來了啦!目前的狀況就是場場爆滿,你該來試試看”Function One”這個喇叭的威力了!

DJ Line up

DJ 4rmstrong (FADER DJ Studio 音樂工作室 )
music link :

DJ D.LO (Dark Lo)(Tune in Productions)
music link :

Em Lee (Yellow House.)
music link :

Victor Yeh (Eden Hill Festival 伊甸高原戶外音樂節)
music link :

Virtual : VJ Zephyr


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