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硬派嬉遊 | 硬派臺灣萬聖節 10/22


陣容有非常可愛的USAGii 無厘兔首次參戰,牠在YouTube的作品有超過百萬的收聽次數,還有我們熟知的硬派跑者Hardstyle Runner即將初次登台、暴力猴雙人組MONKiCKZ、硬派MVP Weven、硬核瘋魔女Vicky、以及硬派派大星Pie Star,一起變裝來參加這場瘋狂的萬聖派對🥳

■ 倒數時刻 Time Remains ■

23:00-24:00 Hardstyle Runner

00:00-01:00 Pie Star

01:00-02:00 USAGii無厘兔

02:00-03:00 MONKiCKZ

03:00-04:00 Weven

04:00-05:00 Vicky

■ 票價 Ticket Price ■

本活動只開放現場購票 Ticket selling at door only.


Ticket price for special custom dress up all time 600 NT



Entry Before 12:00 AM: 700 NT (Include 1 drink)

Entry After 12:00 AM: 800 NT (Include 1 drink)

欲訂購包廂請訊息Hardstyle Taiwan 硬派臺灣

For table reservation please message Hardstyle Taiwan.

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