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2022/05/28 硬派崛起

Hardstyle Taiwan 硬派臺灣 本次活動”硬派崛起”與Hard_Li以及One Plus Taipei合作,不但有剛加入硬派行列的新面孔、我們還特別邀請了平時主打傳思的Higher Dimension主理人DJ Wade跨界來做硬派開場,就是要讓你們見識硬派崛起的力量!

■ 時間表 Timetable ■
23:00-00:00 DJ Wade
00:00-01:00 HardWav3rz
01:00-02:00 Pie Star
02:00-03:00 MONKiCKZ (KRAZ & Jimmy)
03:00-04:00 J_L (Hard_Li & JieLin)
04:00-05:00 Vicky & Dioxin

■ 票價 Ticket Price ■ 
本活動只開放現場購票 Ticket selling at door only.
Entry Before 12:00 AM: 600 NT (Include 1 drink)
Entry After 12:00 AM: 700 NT (Include 1 drink)

■ 包廂 VIP Table ■ 
大包廂 Large Table (適合8~10人) 4000 NT
Including 1 bottle of vodka, whisky or tequila.
12 bottles of beer or soft drinks.
小包廂 Small Table (適合4~6人) 2000 NT
Including 6 bottles of beer or soft drinks.
Table price does not include with entry tickets.
欲訂購請訊息Hardstyle Taiwan 硬派臺灣或派大星
For table reservation please message Hardstyle Taiwan or Ting Lin 

✖ 注意事項: 禁止攜帶外食、飲料、雷射筆、槍械、刀械、棍棒、煙火、管制藥品…等危險違禁物品入場。
Notices: Do not bring any foods, drinks, laser pens, guns, knives, bats, fireworks, drugs and potentially dangerous items to the venue.

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