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9/27 – [絲絨印象派樂隊 專輯發行專場 YUFU & The Velvet Impressionism] 嘉賓: 飛鴻Faye Hong

演出|YUFU & The Velvet Impressionism/ 飛鴻 Faye Hong
時間|9/27 Sun. 1900 Open / 1930 Start
票價|預購500元 現場600元
(憑票根購買專輯$400元 /原價$550)

[YUFU & The Velvet Impressionism]
YUFU 郁夫&絲絨印象派樂隊 歷經一年半的籌備
首張專輯 [Is It Vain To Be Awake? 醒著是否徒勞?] 終於預計發行.
Looking for a different sound? YUFU The Velvet Impressionism is described as “A cocktail of psych-soul mixed with funky fuzz tones, served with glam glitters.” The band led by singer/song writer YUFU, is ready to deliver their new album very soon. Come down to their album release show and find out what you have been missing.

YUFU & 絲絨印象派樂隊🥃🥃🥃
鱷魚迷幻解散過後主唱郁夫最新個人樂團編制R&B樂隊. 吸取迷幻樂以及七零年代放克精華. YUFU的全新陣容相較以前,更為危險. 歌曲深受老式間諜片配樂影響, 音樂中的鋪陳風格從Psychedelic Soul迷幻靈魂, Ethio Jazz衣索比亞爵士到Motown摩托城都駕輕就熟. (2020) 近期加入全新陣容的絲絨印象派樂隊的成員有爵士鋼琴手宗霖/ 搖滾Wah Wah吉他手紅力/ 鱷魚迷幻原班貝斯手陳郁允/ 節奏組鼓手泰瑋

YUFU & the Velvet Impressionism is a vicious R&B project by YUFU. Born in the 90s in Taiwan, YUFU grown up listening contemporary music and later discovered 60’s and 70’s rock’n’roll, funk, psychedelic
music, jazz and 60s film score music. Started out playing in blues rock
bands and psychedelic bands in Taiwan, and feeling limited by the music scenes, YUFU decided he would combine his experience in psychedelic music with vintage funk and jazz to achieve a different recipe of sound in the modern world.
In 2019, YUFU started recording his first album -“Is it Vain to be Awake?” with his new band the Velvet Impressionism. The album features 10 tracks (+a bonus track). Three songs has been released digitally in 2020. YUFU then released a music video for one of the songs -“Hiss”, a surfy and jazzy song and soon caught attention from major music media in Taiwan and Japan. The full album is expected to be released in 2020 on vinyl and CD.

★即將發片 首張專輯 街聲試聽:
★”Hiss” Music Video:
★Instagram: yufu_groovin★

[Is It Vain To Be Awake? 醒著是否徒勞?]
歷時18個月製作,玉成戲院錄音室錄製, 由YUFU製作, Andy Baker操刀混音. 整張專輯風格多元. 離開鱷魚迷幻樂團的YUFU也不忘迷幻根, 在新專輯加入了更多元素. 歌曲內容也延伸至更多社會議題.
取自專輯歌曲”Is It Vain?”
“Or Is it the same holding on? Or is it just me? Let out the tease til its dead ? Is it vain?”
難道堅持無法改變現狀 難道只是我 洩漏了這種調戲直到它消失? 這一切都是徒勞嗎?電視機以及媒體廣告處處埋伏在你我身邊. 人類的所有愉悅正被大肆傳播消費. 而這一切, 還能夠被改變嗎?
取自專輯歌曲”We’ll Be Watching You Burn”
“We don’t need another, another war between us.
But the panther’s sleeping no more, and the blood I’ve been longing, oh the claws. “
我們之間不須再有戰爭. 但當豹子無法忍耐,
豹子不須睡眠, 噬血作為復仇. 喔那爪子.獻給我們你們在生活上受壓迫的人們。
在無法喘息的空間裡壓抑著, 忍受著來自人/生活/關係的暴力, 受到壓迫的一方若是清醒, 也能為生活的不公復仇.
取自專輯歌曲”If The Night Wills It”
“It shouldn’t be this good, that’s what she said to me.
It shouldn’t be this good, it feels more than a sin. If the night wills it….”
不應該這麼完美, 這一切像是一宗罪. 但如果夜晚准許我們….愛戀中的一切總顯得不自然地美好. 但當肉體纏綿 就算力挽狂瀾 誰又能抵擋得住?

飛鴻 Faye Hong🥃🥃🥃

FayeHong, established in September, 2018. Seeking a great combination with Taiwanese, Taiwanese traditional music culture and western music nowadays. We released our first album “ Longing “ in February this year as a beginning of band creation.Currently as a four-people band, we use program as a part of live performance, and try to intergrade electronic composing into our existing songs and new works.
Music :

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