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9/19 – WERK! Lip Sync Battle: Angels & Demons (天使與惡魔對嘴生死鬥)

♠️WERK! 9.19 Lip Sync Battle♥️
🤍🕊𝒜𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓁𝓈 vs 𝒟𝑒𝓂𝑜𝓃𝓈🔥🖤(*scroll down for English)
千呼萬喚的WERK! Lip Sync Battle對嘴生死鬥終於又回來囉!這次比賽將在我們有更大舞臺空間/更專業燈光音響設備的超讚新場地Pipe Live Music舉辦!保證絕對更好玩更過癮!

📍規則 / Ground Rules:
1. 報名:請將您的名字、照片和簡短的自我介紹私訊至WERK的FB粉專。
2. 報名截止日:9月4日晚上8點。
3. 因活動時間限制,若報名人數過多,我們將從報名者當中挑選8位參加比賽。
4. 變裝主題:天使與惡魔
5. 比賽歌曲一共5首,將於本週末公佈。
6. 優勝者可以得到現金$2000和后冠!(以及未來在WERK party正式演出的機會)

~ Calling all aspiring baby queens!! Coz it’s about Time for another round of WERK’s legendary Lip Sync Battles!! Yas!! We are super psyched to announce that our long-awaited “LIP OFF – Lip Sync Battle” is finally set to hit the stage of PIPE’s on September 19th! With a much bigger stage and more professional facilities, this event is definitely gonna be off the hook and you don’t wanna miss it!

📍Ground Rules
1. To sign up: PM us on Facebook with your Drag Name, Photo, and short bio.
2. Closing date for entries:8pm. September 4th.
3. Only 8 contestants will be chosen from applicants. (Due to the contest’s length of time.)
4. Dress Code: Angels & Demons
5. The 5 chosen songs will be announced this weekend.
6. Winner will be crowned & rewarded a cash prize ($2000NT). (Plus offer to perform for our upcoming events.)

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