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12/13 – REV:Messiahwaits | MHz® (KR)



Messiahwaits 彌賽亞 (MHz | High-Tech Seoul, S.Korea)

• Messiahwaits @ High-Tech Seoul Vol.5 ♫
• Jesse Chen (Pleasure Always Brings Pain)
都普勒浪潮 Waves of Doppler


異於其他的 #Techno 藝人,韓裔的Messiahwaits從小就於 #柏林 長大的,在德國柏林度過了很多時間,在那裡他磨練了自己的製作技巧並開始製作自己的音樂。
Messiahwaits一直投身於Techno音樂中,除了DJ之外他也身兼製作人ㄉ。在柏林期間,Messiahwaits與德國唱片公司 #GNDRecords 緊密合作,並於2014年發行了他的首張專輯“ Digital Spring”,隨後發行了兩張EP,分別是“ Flashforward”和“ Paranoid State”。並於2017年初發布了他的新混音,且於2017年9月和11月在兩個本地合輯中發布了他的新原創曲目。

#Berghain 08 #Fiedle 的混音中,他的第一首Acid Techno《Journey To Mars》現場錄製於Berghain,並由Ostgut Ton於2018年1月26日發行。

Messiahwaits於9月在全球發行了4首曲目全新EP,“ BLACKENED”。 2019年2月24日發行的“ BLACKENED”混音EP(包括日本知名Techno大師Takaaki Itoh,AWB,Hydrangea 操刀混音)。
到今年,他開始在首爾 High-Tech Seoul駐場由Mixmag Korea舉辦的Warehouse活動),並推出了自己的音樂專輯 “ MHz”。


Raised in Seoul, S.Korea and spent a great deal of time in Berlin, Germany, where he honed his production skills and started to produce his own music, Messiahwaits is an electronic music producer. During his time in Berlin, Messiahwaits worked closely with German-based record label, GND Records, on which he released his debut track “Digital Spring” in 2014, followed by two EPs, “Flashforward” and “Paranoid State”, and he shows no signs of stopping. He released his new remix in early 2017 and released his new original tracks on two local compilations on both September and November in 2017.

His very first acid track, ‘Journey to Mars’ was featured alongside wonderful artists in Fiedle’s Berghain 08 mix which was recorded live in Berghain and released by Ostgut Ton on January 26, 2018.

Messiahwaits released his new 4-track solo EP, “BLACKENED” in September worldwide both in the 12” vinyl and digital formats. The “BLACKENED” Remixed EP (incl. Takaaki Itoh, AWB, Hydrangea remixes) released on 24th February, 2019. And, the feedbacks of remixed EP were overwhelmed by many great producers. His new remix of Skóll was released alongside great artists such as Hydrangea, Antonio Vázquez, and Sheol in June.

As of 2019, he started his residency at High-Tech Seoul (Warehouse Event run by Mixmag Korea) and launched his own music label called, “MHz”.

Approaching music as an art form rather than falling into genres and stereotypes, Messiahwaits takes his audience on a musical journey filled with droning atmospheres, repetitive jacking rhythms and a dark, disturbed aura that never fails to send the dance floor into a frenzy.

票價 / TICKET (18禁)
23:59前 500 NT$
00:00後 600 NT$


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