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夏至金屬:暴噬者 x 暴行終止 x 奉獻之火

《三禮義宗》記載:「 夏至為中者,至有三義,一以明陽氣之至極,⋯⋯」
Dark Charybdis 暴噬者 Endtrocity 暴行終止 Sacrifire 奉獻之火
Dark Charybdis 暴噬者
吞噬一切的漩渦巨獸 Dark Charybdis 暴噬者。以純正、剽悍的死亡金屬,自2015發行首張EP後便好評不斷。

2017及2019年,搶先露出概念專輯中的 “Selling Short” 及其續集 “Murder Made Dreams” MV,更以精緻暴力美學、規格宏大的故事背景、考究的歷史場景與美術設計,甫公開便好評不斷,更引起《吹音樂》的專文報導。

亦於2018年獲邀擔任國際死核金屬帝王 “Thy Art Is Murder” 的亞洲巡演台灣站開場嘉賓。

同時也由【暴噬者 x P!SCO x 暴君 x EFTC x Beyond Cure 】陣容組成「台灣金屬全明星」,獲國際樂器品牌 “Cort” 邀約發表了 Slipknot 的 Full Band Cover;暴噬者也另以死亡金屬 + 搞笑MV內容,改編、Cover了網紅「異鄉人」〈工具人的悲歌〉,雙雙獲皆獲得數日內破百次分享及超過十萬觀看數的廣大迴響。


Endtrocity 暴行終止
Endtrocity is a Taiwanese metalcore band from Taipei,Taiwan, That was formed in 2011. The band consists of vocalist Paul Chen, guitarist ZanA Wong, Eigi Lu, bassist Mick Hsu, drummer Sony Hee. Even though a Taiwanese band, all songs are written in English.
The band have release one mini album and two singles to date. The style of early work from the debut mini album “Self-Titled”, was described as old school metalcore that characterized by heavy melodic guitar riffs. Later on the band started to take a step in a more “nu-metal /post-hardcore” direction. After the release of two singles Revelation and End of Beginning, feedbacks show it was a success change and well received by many critics. The band started touring intensive since 2016 throughout different local cities, from countless live house venues to several international festivals.
We are Endtrocity from Taipei,Taiwan. We say “no genre” is our code, simply loud music with spoken words from bottom society.

Sacrifire 奉獻之火
烈焰的永恆需要代價,捨己無私的奉獻成就更偉大的精神與態度-Sacrifire 奉獻之火
時間:06/21 (FRI) open: 19:00 / start: 19:30
地點:PIPE Live Music

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