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2018 Summer Progressive II – 剖·塞



☀Summer 。 Sunshine☀

The sun brightens up the world, and when the breeze passes through the mother nature, the celestial sound puts our minds at peace, and let us enjoy the relaxing and peaceful moment in this gorgeous season.

💮夏季意識製作💮Summer Progressive Special💮

🎶 Progressive ➕ Psy Trance 🎶 = 🎵 剖 塞 🎵

『Summer Progressive』

➡️Summer Progressive DJs⬅️

Michelle C

入場票價 : NT 500
優惠票價 : NT 400 (PM 12 : 00前入場)

▐Ticket Information▐
Entrance Fee: $500 (with a drink)
Special Price: $400 before 12:00 am (with a drink)

日期: 2018 / 08 / 24
時間: PM 11:00 – AM 05:00
地點: PIPE Live House 台北市中正區思源街1號(自來水園區/公館水岸)

▐Time and Location▐
Date: 2018 / 08 / 24
Time: PM 11:00 – AM 04:00
Address: No.1, Siyuan St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10087, Taiwan (PIPE LIVE HOUSE)

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