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12 月 31日 NYE 2018: Psycho Forest 跨年祭典 神經叢林 ft. James Monro

New Year‘s Eve 2018 Carnival : Psycho Forest


↗The one and only indoor and outdoor party time at new years eve at southern Taipei
↗Various dance music style

↗ Master James Monro, the label boss from Flying Rhino & 4 Digital Audio

↗Dressing up animal costume or mask exchange with additional craft beer
↗Make one great new year’s eve party again

🌏 Time to count down for next year, we still remember there is a moment how crazy it was, inspired and gave us energy at least 300 days above. Absolutely it is the first day of 2017 we had each other at AcidHaus’ party : AcidSmith. When we think of it, we start to image what we will have at the end of 2017, celebrate for the begin of 2018.

🌎 Therefore, party conception is from the famous producer DJ David jr. and his friends: best of the best underground sound djs based in Taipei. Invited with James Monro, who comes from UK and Brazil, famous with many alias for his music production and dj skill /knowledge from Techno、Progressive、Trance、Goa to Psytrance for past 30 years. He is also the co-founder of legendary label Flying Rhino & 4 Digital Audio supported by countless big name djs all over the world. Our aim is to make Pipe Live Music and Waterfront Plaza, from indoor to outdoor space, become a huge new year’s eve party landscape again.

🌍 This year, the party name is Psycho Forest. we wish everyone come here can wear specific animal mask or costume and release your soul animal locked in your heart for a year or more, let them run on the frequency of quality electronic dance music power. They will become pure resonance and vibration for you again. we will provide craft beer as gift for who wears animal costume. There will be also live visual from nerve cell to universal style at Psycho Forest area. If want to be chill, stay at the waterfornt plaza bar to enjoy the disco and chill beats.

🌏 It is so precious to find a place in Taipei you can enjoy different kinds of awesome electronic dance music spectrum from 80’s boogie style Disco to high energetic and groovy Techno and Psytrance with two different style area from Pipe live music to the best outdoor cuisine bar. The most important thing is, they are all on one plaza under the bridge. And play so loud for one night only.

🌴 Program:Psycho Forest

Artist / DJ

James Monro ( Brazil / UK )


🚀Program:Chill Flight
(80’s Disco,Nu Disco,Chill Beats )
hosted by BPM Production
more info coming soon.


🌞 Advanced:900 NTD ( 150 limited tickets only, contact with PR, scroll down to bottom )
🌞 At Door :1200 NTD (a fews tickets at door )
🍙 Table Contact with PR
📢 DATE :2017.12.31 (SUN)
📢 TiME:23:00 – 05:30
📢 Location:PIPE LIVE MUSIC & River Side Park
📢 Adress:No. 1, Siyuan St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City

2018 跨年祭典 神經叢林


🌏 時針指向 2017 最後午夜;某處的原始跳動莫名雀躍

🌎 密碼 12310000 散落四界,快樂神經在南區集結
微笑的音樂分子接上電源 ,唯一水岸的跨年開始祭典

🌍 遠從熱情王國飛來,首次登陸台北的超能暖男領銜探險

🇬🇧 James Monro (Flying Rhino/4DigitalAudio)🇧🇷

👯‍♂️ 狂野的派對動物們,倒數時刻將在水管叢林
用力掙脫六識束縛,將 2017 年的平靜與混亂碰撞會合
💥 回歸心靈純淨振動 💥

和愛飛行的你乘坐飛行神器一路 Chill 到 1980

🦄 Dress Code:

🌴 音樂節目:神經叢林


James Monro ( Brazil / UK )

Hosted by DJ David Jr.

🍀地點: 水管音樂空間

🚀 音樂節目:好自在航線
(80’s Disco,Nu Disco,Chill Beats )


Hosted by BPM Production

🍀地點: 水岸休閒廣場

DESIGN by Sofake

🌞 預售:900 NTD (限量150張)
🌞 現場:1200 NTD (極少量現場票販售)
🍙 包廂:請洽售票人員
📢 日期:2017.12.31 (日)
📢 時間:23:00 – 05:30
📢 位置:水管音樂空間 / 水岸休閒廣場 PIPE LIVE MUSIC & River Side Park
📢 地址:台北市思源街一號

🔥 門票預售 / advanced ticket request ( PR )

🌈 Daniel 大牛 ( English ) TEL:0989-897-503

🌈 真理活花 Jennifer ( English )
台北人體移動售票亭.Jen’s Ticket Booth
LINE ID:jennifer_yeh

🌈 Lulosa TEL: 0923-177-189

🌈 Kaoru Liu 小新 ( English ) TEL:0913-407-393

🌈 月精靈 Moon Fairy ( English )

🌈 蟲洞/凱若 TEL:0913-555-978

🌈 蟲洞/史派克 TEL:0909-657-333

🌈 Cosmic Worm 蟲洞

🌈 阿BEN 工作室
TEL: 0913-625-140

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