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1 月 27日 CUM 2nd Anniversary Party~Just CUM 兩週歲生日派對

🌈C.U.M. 2nd – Anniversary Party
Just C.U.M.兩週歲生日派對
🌈January 27th 2018
10:30PM~4:30AM @ Pipe
🌈Admission 回饋入場優惠一律現場票: 300 NT(with one drink)

🌈Happy Hours飲料買一送一:
10:30pm~00:30am & more….. 請大家支持我們,只在Pipe內及門口「掛有C.U.M旗幟」的兩個吧台買飲料,買我們的飲料幫助我們成長,未來才能繼續為您創造更多優質的派對~
🌈We are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary, and what better way to celebrate it with all of you! We are truly thankful for your support these past two years! THANK YOU! We will only have a 300NT$ cover charge, and to make even more special we’ll have Happy Hour(s) from 10:30pm~00:30am and then..well…you just gotta be there to be part of ’round #2′ of happiness! What whaaaaaaaat!

Looking forward to celebrate with all of you gorgeous people!

🌈Please support the bars set up (inside & outside) of PIPE. Just look for the bars with C.U.M promo flags as we are the only bars where you can make use of the Happy Hour specials** #supporthequeervibe#supporttheallinclusivemovement

🌈The BEST #nolabel #allinclusive #allgenderexpression QUEER PARTY in TAIWAN! 真正無性別標籤派對,男女等價


Go Go :
Leo, Hugo, Touya

Ian, Rody

C.U.M Queens康姆扮裝皇后團 : #doorwhoresdelight#pussypartypoppers

哈利男孩 IMen愛男人購物 熱情贊助

🌈活動當天於彩虹酷兒健康文化中心攤位,參加愛滋梅毒匿名篩檢者可獲得精美贈品一份,送完為止!FREE anonymous HIV testing on site.

🌈Venue活動地點:PIPE Live Music
No.1, Siyuan St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei. (MRT Gongguan. Please use google map and search “Pipe Live Music”)

Instagram: Cum Party
Twitter: Cum Party



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