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10/21 超級月亮 Super Moon – 666




Autumn leaves falling from bare trees,Beasts wake up to give the world worries,Moonlight gives warmth to the anxious world, While the moonlight poet chants and sings.

666 is the number, or name, of the wild beast with seven heads and ten horns that comes out of the sea. This beast is a symbol of power, greed, desire, and violence, which rules over “every tribe and people and tongue and nation.”

This autumn, all of the moonlight poets will gather and bring this evil world a significant impact with positive energy.

666 DJs:

2 Sheep
Double 6
Pie Star
Show Project


666 神秘嘉賓


這回的主題故事,是有關於撒旦與上帝之間的傳說,我們在此誠心邀請參與的朋友,抱持著猶如參加萬聖節派對的心情,精心準備這夜的派對服裝,不論您是裝扮成 (吸血爵士、南瓜頭、巫婆、耶穌、撒旦、無臉男、屎神、安娜貝兒、頑皮豹等等的人物角色)

活動當天符合主題裝扮的朋友,在入場時即享有折扣NT100的優惠,更重要的是,讓我們站在同一陣線延續超級月亮玩樂派對的精神 ~ ~

#Special Discount#
Super Moon is gonna give each and everyone of you a special moment this autumn!! We welcome all of you dress up for this Halloween season, you can dress up like vampires, witches, Jesus, Satan, Annabelle or even the Pink Panther! If you follow the dress code, you will get $100 discount at the door. Most importantly, you are here to continue spreading the spirit of Super Moon.


#Super Evil Lollipops#
We will also prepare special “Evil Lollipops” for this special 666 event! Take it and you will become evil for the whole night!!!

日期:2017 / 10 / 21
時間:PM:2300 – AM:0500
門票:NT500 (附一份酒水)
門票主題裝扮優惠:NT400 (附一份酒水)

Date: 2017 / 10 / 21
Time: PM:2300 – AM:0500
Location: No. 1, Siyuan Street, Taipei City
Tickets: NT500 (with a drink)
Tickets Theme Dress Up: NT400 (with a drink)

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