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9/16 丹尼一日音樂節:不想結束!歡迎來到After Party

DJ TXAKO以魔幻般的DJ功力,將雷鬼、搖滾、佛朗明哥、美洲傳統民俗音樂Cumbia、salsa、ska等曲風完美結合。從不間斷的強勁節拍,狂歡喧鬧的節慶般唱喝,渾然忘我的身體舞動,像搭上一部無法停駛的高速列車,你的血液與心臟抑止不住地熱鬧沸騰。

身為自80年代起,以東京為據點,在日本樂界聲名大噪的DJ團體CARIBBEAN DANDY一員,今年4月曾獲Urban Nomad 城市遊牧邀請來台表演,幾乎無人不被TXAKO極富渲染力的音樂感染,跳舞吧,除了喝酒、談情、聊天,還是跳舞,我們知道你需要這個!

TXAKO is virtually a house DJ at Japan’s Fuji Rock festival, where she’s performed more than 10 years in a row, and she has also performed on huge festival stages in Europe. As part of the Caribbean Dandy DJ collective, she is one of the key DJs in Japan’s scene for Latino, cumbia, mestizo, ska, reggae and “rebel music”. From Balkan beats to breakneck ska to rollicking Spanish anthems, she plays music so infectious it will make you dance till you’ve got holes in your shoes. So power up on energy drinks. You’re gonna need it!

Box of Cats (ZA/UK/NL/AUZ), KKC Records(UK), Kiez Beats(GER) & King Street Sounds(NY)
The Cook, The Thief – 這位來自南非的DJ 兼音樂製作人,不僅把家當工作室,把工作事當家,更要一把將你拉進sexy techy grooves 以及dirty basslines的音樂世界裡。

The South African DJ and producer, is as at home in the booth as he is in the studio. With a long list of appearances around Taiwan, Tokyo Music Week, the Philippines, Vietnam and his homeland, South Africa.
Expect some baked and borrowed beats with a sexy Tech House Flavour.

小case – 樂團 is a band located in Taipei, Taiwan who are looking to bring the sweet sounds of jazz, pop, rock, and blues to your earholes. 小case is always looking to experiment and blend new sounds to make them our own with the help of each individual member’s diverse background! Addi (bass, vox), Vicky (vox, guitar), Francis (trombone), Manav (drums), and Shi Ziwan (guitar) have learned to combine their powers for good over the past few months to create a sound that’s sure to catch your ear from across the room. Our original songs are hybrids, with influence from each musician’s musical and cultural upbringing, blending aspects of both the west and east, English and Mandarin, in a style unique to one band in Taiwan: 小case.

小case – 樂團是一個在台北市愛玩的樂團~只要有機會我們會現場表演給大家聽,這五位就會讓大家玩得很high 喔!五位音樂家都是來自不同的音樂背景,把各種音樂類「鳳」格混在一起;不管是爵士,藍調,搖擺,雷鬼,或是有台灣色彩的音樂,各位都會享受聽我們創作的音樂。安晨 (貝斯,歌手), 孫博萓 (主唱,吉他),麥晨宇 (長號) 馬納夫 (爵士鼓), 獅子丸 (吉他) 這四位帥哥跟一位美女就玩得不得了。雖然還是剛組成的樂團,我們已經開始儘量創出自己的歌,而且每一次 cover 歌都會跟原版有點不一樣。透過歌曲創作,我們是一個東方跟西方的混合體;中英文的歌詞,實驗各種不同的音樂種類尋找我們的「鳳」格


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