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8/20 板基絕對會扣!Bang!

從板橋到基隆,曲風從 TGMF到 聖結石 Saint ,從soul,funk到 Kurt Cobain,地下饒舌奇葩代表 品格教育 與 盤尼西林 (林偉)將帶來夏日週末夜最燥的音樂饗宴。我覺得可以。

Underground consious-rap legend Penicilin 盤尼西林 (林偉) and his fellow MCs and DJ,with their soul/funk/rock golden touch and hardcore lyrical skills, are about to take you back to the old-school block party scenes,just like a Banchilllla and Killlong Chigga.

時間:8:00 p.m. ,Sunday, 20 August 2017
地點:公館 PIPE Live Music
票價:At Door 300NT (買酒優惠,買二送一)
DJ: Fadi Lin
盤尼西林 (林偉) from Appendix Deux-Killers闌尾雙煞
湯捷 aka Daniel of Banchill from 品格教育
陳俊愷 (Jack Chen)
許時 ShiShr&PenSoul from TNL
黃韋嘉 劉旭庭 (Jimmy Liu) 陸友仁 from Yella Crew

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