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05/06 Psy灣:1-Year Anniversary & Farewell Party

It’s finally here! It’s been 1 year since the first Psy灣 party, and unfortunately this will be the last. After being in Taiwan for over 3.5 years, it is time for me to leave 😦
So, come down for 1 last crazy party with us!

Also, we have a special guest, Mush Project from Spain! He will be joining us for Psy灣 before he plays at Earthfest Revolutions this year! 🙂

此次活動將有來自西班牙的特別嘉賓 dj mush project與我們共享盛舉.


Mush Project / Victor (Fractal Moon / Digital Nature Records)
Echenoz (L.S.D.)
Michael (L.S.D.)
Spike (Cosmic Worm)
Jeremy (L.S.D.)


00:00後:500nt (一瓶酒)

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